First Name : Maryam
Last Name : Zahedifar
Date of Birth : 1979
Marrital Status : Married
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Department : manabaa
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Email : maryamzaheifar2000@yahoo.com

Education Qualifications
Field: Soil Science
ُShiraz University (Iran)
Years: 2005 to 2010
Field: Soil Science
Shiraz University (Iran )
Years: 1381 to 1384
Field: Soil Science
Isfahan University of Technology (Iran)
Years: 1376 to 1380

Published Papers in Academic Journals
1- گويلي , موسوي , Zahedifar M (2019) "Integrated effects of cattle manure- derived biochar and soil moisture conditions on soil chemical " Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 1:1-10
2- Zahedifar M, Najafian S (2018) "Productivity, Essential Oil Components and Herbage Yield, of Sweet Basil as a Function of Biochar and Potassium-Nano Chelate " Essential Oil of Bearing Plants 21:886-894
3- Zahedifar M, Moosavi A, Zarei Z, Shafigh M, Karimian F (2018) "Heavy metals content and distribution in basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) as influenced by cadmium and different potassium sources " International Journal of Phytoremediation 1:1-1
4- Zahedifar M (2018) "Iron Fractionation in the Calcareous Soils of Different Land Uses as Influenced by Biochar " Waste and Biomass Valorization 1:1-20
5- Moosavi A, Zahedifar M, Mansouri S (2018) "The uptake ad partitioning of nickel and some nutrient elements in canola grown in two differently textured soils as influenced by nickel and soil moisture conditions " International Journal of Environmental Studies 1:1-18
6- Zahedifar M (2017) "Sequential extraction of zinc in the soils of different land use types as influenced by wheat straw derived biochar " Journal of Geochemical Exploration 182:22-31
7- Zahedifar M, Moosavi A (2017) "Modeling desorption kinetics of the native and applied zinc in biochar amended calcareous soils of different land uses " Environmental Earth Sciences 76:1-11
8- Zahedifar M, Najafian S (2017) "Effect of soil applied iron chelate fertilizer on the essential oil composition and antioxidant activity of Satureja hortensis under greenhouse conditions " Thai Journal of Agricultural Science 48:125-131
9- Zahedifar M, Dehghani S, Moosavi A, Gavili E (2017) "Temporal variation of total and DTPA-extractable heavy metal contents as influenced by sewage sludge and perlite in a calcareous soil " Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 63:136-149
10- Zahedifar M, Najafian S (2017) "Ocimum basilicum L. growth and nutrient status as influenced by biochar and potassium-nano-chelate fertilizers " Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 63:638-650
11- Zahedifar M, موسوي , شفيق , زارعي , کريميان (2016) "Cadmium accumulation and partitioning in Ocimum basilicum as influenced by application of various potassium fertilizers " Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 62:663-673
12- Zahedifar M, Zohrabi S (2016) "Germination and seedling characteristics of drought-stressed corn seed as influenced by seed priming with potassium nano-chelate and sulfate fertilizers " Acta Agriculturae Slovenica 107:113-128
13- Zahedifar M, Najafian S (2015) "Combined effect of soil applied iron and sulfur fertilizers on monoterpene content and antioxidant activity of Satureja hortensis L. extract " Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science 38:361-374
14- Zahedifar M, Najafian S (2015) "Antioxidant activity and essential oil composition of Satureja hortensis L. as influenced by sulfur fertilizer " Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 95:2404-2408
15- Zahedifar M, Mousavi A, منصوري (2015) "Effect of Soil Water-Stress and Nickel Application on Micronutrient Status of Canola Grown on Two Calcareous-Soils " Plant Production Science 18:377-387
16- Mousavi S, Mansouri S, Zahedifar M, Saadikhani M (2014) "Effect of water stress and nickel application on yield components and agronomic characteristics of canola grown on two calcareous soils " Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 60:1747-1764
17- Zahedifar M (2013) "Corn Germination and Seedling Characteristics as Influenced by Seed- Priming with Potassium Nano Chelate and Potassium Sulfate Fertilizers under Salinity Stress Conditions " Thai Journal of Agricultural Science 46:219-229
18- Zahedifar M, Karimian N, Yasrebi J (2012) "Influence of applied zinc and organic matter on zinc desorption kinetics in calcareous soils " Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 58:169-178
19- Zahedifar M, Ronaghi A, Mousavi S, Safarzadeh shirazi S (2012) "INFLUENCE OF NITROGEN AND SALINITY LEVELS ON THE FRUIT YIELD AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF TOMATO IN A HYDROPONIC CULTURE " Journal of Plant Nutrition 35:2211-2221
20- Zahedifar M, Karimian N, Ronaghi A, Yasrebi J, Emam Y, Mousavi S (2011) "Effect of phosphorus and organic matter on phosphorus status of winter wheat at different part and growth stages " Journal of Plant Breeding and Crop Science 3:401-412
21- Zahedifar M, Karimian N, Ronaghi A, Emam Y, Yasrebi J (2011) "Soil–Plant Nutrient Relationship at Different Growth Stages of Spinach as Affected by Phosphorus and Manure Applications " Communication in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 42:1765-1781
22- Zahedifar M, Karimian N, Yasrebi J (2010) "Zinc Desorption of Calcareous Soils as Influenced by Applied Zinc and Phosphorus and Described by Eight Kinetic Models " Communivations of Soil Sience and Plant Analysis 41:897-907

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1-** (2015)

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General Pedology
Soil and water conservation
Water-Soil Plant Relationships
General Pedology
Soil and Water Conservations
General soil science
Arid and semi- arid lands soil
Soil and water conservation
Water and soil and plant relationship
General soil science
Water and soil and plant relationship

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Shirin Hayati bozorgi effect of zeolite and partial root zone N-fertilizing on the growth and yield of maize under partial root zone drying conditions