First Name : Ali Reza
Last Name : Sepasian
Date of Birth : 1978
Marrital Status : Married
Last Academic Degree :
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Department :
College : Basic Science
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Email : sepasiyan@yahoo.com

Published Papers in Academic Journals
1- Tayyebi J, Sepasian A (2021) "Reverse 1-centre problem on trees under convex piecewise-linear cost function " Optimization 0:1-18
2- Nouri , Abouei , Sepasian A, Jaseemuddin , Anpalagan , N.Plataniotis (2021) "3D Multi-UAV Placement and Resource Allocation for Energy-Efficient IoT Communication " IEEE Internet of Things Journal 0:1-1
3- Tayyebi J, Sepasian A (2020) "Partial inverse min–max spanning tree problem " Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 1:1-19
4- Sepasian A, Tayyebi J (2020) "Further Study on Reverse 1-center Problem on Trees " Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research 1:1-17
5- Ghobadipour N, Sepasian A (2019) "ON THE STABILITY OF LEFT ? –CENTRALIZERS ON BANACH LIE TRIPLE SYSTEMS " Operators and Matrices 13:797-807
6- Sepasian A (2019) "Reverse 1-maxian problem with keeping existing 1-median " OPSEARCH 56:1-13
7- Sepasian A (2018) "Upgrading the 1-center problem with edge length variables on a tree " Discrete Optimization 29:1-17
8- Sepasian A, Monabbati E (2017) "Upgrading min-max spanning tree problem under various cost functions " Theoretical computer science 704:87-91
9- Trung Nguyen , Sepasian A (2016) "The inverse center problem on trees with variable edge lengths under Chebyshev norm and Hamming distance " journal of combinatorial optimization 1:1-10
10- Sepasian A (2015) "Upgrading p Median Problem on a Path " Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms 14:145-157
11- Sepasian A (2013) "An algorithm for the Inverse 1-median problem on trees with variable vertex weights and edge reductions " Optimization 64:595-602

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Honor And Awards
1-رتبه اول مقطع کارشناسي ارشد از دانشگاه شيراز در رشته رياضي کاربردي (2009)

Courses Taught
Fundamentals of combinatorics
Linear Optimization
Numerical Linear Algebra
mathematical softwares
Non-Linear Optimization
Combinatorics & Applications
Topics in mathematics & Applications
Fundamentals of Numerical Analysis
Fundamentals of Numerical Analysis
Calculus I
Fundamentals of Numerical Analysis
Theory of Graph & its Applications
General Mathematics I
Calculus III
Calculus I
Discrete Structures
Numerical Computations
Linear Algebra
Numerical Computations
Operating Research

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