First Name : Esfandiar
Last Name : Jahantab
Date of Birth : 1983
Marrital Status : Single
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Academic Rank :
Department : manabaa
College :
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Email : e.jahantab@yahoo.com

Education Qualifications
Field: Range Science
Tehran (Iran)
Years: 2012 to 2015
Field: Natural resources- Range Management
Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (Iran)
Years: 2007 to 2009
Field: Natural Resources- Range and Watershed Management
Zabol (Iran)
Years: 2003 to 2007

Published Papers in Academic Journals
1- Jahantab E, Jafari M, Motesharezadeh B, Tavili A, Zargham N (2018) "Remediation of Petroleum-Contaminated Soils using Stipagrostis plumosa, Calotropis procera L., and Medicago sativa under Different Organic Amendment Treatments " ECOPERSIA 6:101-109
2- Jahantab E, Salehpour Z, Morshedloo M, Iraji , Mohamadi J (2018) "Essential oil composition of aerial parts of Vitex pseudo-negundo populations collected from southwest of Iran " Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 21:570-576
3- Jahantab E, Mirinejad S, Mahmoudi M, Najafpour navaei M, Rahimi M, Sharafatmand Rad M (2018) "Investigating the Impact of Some Habitat Characteristics on Distribution of Stachys pilifera Benth Using the BMLR Model in Iran " Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 27:1271-1278
4- Jahantab E, Hatami E, Sayadian M, Salahi Ardakani A (2017) "Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants of Boyer Ahmad and Dena regions in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, Iran " Advanced Herbal Medicine 3:12-22
5- Jahantab E, Yazdanpanah E, Mohsenzadeh S, Moradshahi A, Armand N, Ahmadi K (2013) "Seed Dormancy Breaking of Ziziphus Nummularia " World Applied Sciences Journal 28:1831-1833
6- Jahantab E, Sepehri A, Barani H, Ghasemi Aryan Y, Farajolahi A, Moghiminejad F (2011) "An Introduction on the endangered medicinal species of Mountains Kelavs (Kelussia odoratissima Mozaff) in central Zagros in Kohgiluyeh, Iran. " Journal of Rangeland Science 2:409-415

Papers and Abstracts in Conference Proceedings
1-Jahantab E, Jafari M, Motesharezadeh B, Tavili A, Zargham N "Identification of oil pollution tolerant palnt species " International Conference on Chemical, Food and Environment Engineering (2015)
2-Jahantab E, Hosseini A, Sepehri A, Barani H, Ahmadi K, Bagherifard G "Study correlation between Mountain’s Kelavs (Kelussia odoratissimaMozaff) species and available other species in Kohgiloyeh region (Delafroz mountain " International congress on Applied Biology (2011)
3-Jahantab E, Sepehri A, Barani H "An Introduction on the endangered species of Kelussia odoratissima Mozaff " International rangeland congress (2011)

Research projects (7)

Courses Taught
Rangeland management
Natural resources understanding
Identification of rangeland plants species 1
Planting and propagation of rangeland plants
Identification of rangeland plants species 2
rangeland ecology
rangeland evaluation and measurement
Public Ecology
Multiple use from ecosystem

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