First Name : ebadollah
Last Name : Kheirati Roonizi
Date of Birth : 1982
Marrital Status : Single
Last Academic Degree :
Date of Employment :
Academic Rank :
Department :
College : Basic Science
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Email : ebad.kheirati.roonizi@gmail.com

Education Qualifications
Field: Computer Science
Milan University (Italy)
Years: 2014 to 2017

Published Papers in Academic Journals
1- Kheirati Roonizi E (2022) "Fourier Analysis: A New Computing Approach " IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING MAGAZINE 70:1-9
2- Kheirati Roonizi E (2022) "A Kalman Filter Framework for Simultaneous LTI Filtering and Total Variation Denoising " IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 1:1-11
3- Kheirati Roonizi E (2021) "Kalman Filtering in Non-Gaussian Model Errors: A New Perspective " IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING MAGAZINE 67:1-13
4- Kheirati Roonizi E (2021) "L2 and L1 Trend Filtering: A Kalman Filter Approach " IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 38:137-145
5- Kheirati Roonizi E, Jutten C (2021) "Band-Stop Smoothing Filter Design " IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 69:1797-1810
6- Kheirati Roonizi E, Jutten C (2020) "Improved smoothness priors using bilinear transform " Signal processing 169:1-10
7- Kheirati Roonizi E (2019) "A New Approach to ARMAX Signals Smoothing: Application to Variable-Q ARMA Filter Design " IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 67:4535-4544
8- Kheirati Roonizi E, Ab?cherli R, Twerenbold R, Boeddinghaus J (2018) "Diagnostic and prognostic values of the V-index, a novel ECG marker quantifying spatial heterogeneity of ventricular repolarization, in patients with symptoms suggestive of non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction " International Journal of Cardiology 236:23-29
9- Kheirati Roonizi E, Sassi R (2018) "An extended bayesian framework for atrial and ventricular activity separation in atrial fibrillation " IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 21:1573 -1580
10- Kheirati Roonizi E, Sassi R (2018) "A Signal Decomposition Model-Based Bayesian Framework for ECG Components Separation " IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 64:665-675
11- Kheirati Roonizi E, ثامني (2013) "Morphological modeling of cardiac signals based on signal decomposition " Computers in Biology and Medicine 43:1453-1461
12- Kheirati Roonizi E (2013) "A New Algorithm for Fitting a Gaussian Function Riding on the Polynomial Background " IEEE Signal Processing Letters 20:1062-1065
13- Kheirati Roonizi E, Pakniat H (1399) "A simple and effective feedback structure for variable-Q filter design " Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing 67:1-16
14- Kheirati Roonizi E (1399) "An Efficient Algorithm for Maneuvering Target Tracking " IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 6:1-10
15- Kheirati Roonizi E (1399) "A New Approach to Gaussian Signal Smoothing: Application to ECG Components separation " IEEE Signal Processing Letters 27:1924-1928
16- Kheirati Roonizi E, Jutten C (1399) "Forward-backward filtering and penalized least-squares optimization: A unified framework " Signal processing Elsevier 178:1-12

Papers and Abstracts in Conference Proceedings
1-Kheirati Roonizi E "A deep learning-based multi-model ensemble method for eye state recognition from EEG " 2021 IEEE 11th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference (CCWC) (2021)
2-Kheirati Roonizi E, Sassi R "A signal decomposition based Kalman smoother for T-wave alternans detection " 2015 AEIT International Annual Conference (AEIT) (2018)
3-Kheirati Roonizi E, Sassi R, ميناردي L, Rivolta M "A new algorithm for estimating the ?-index using sinusoidal basis functions " 2015 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) (2018)
4-Kheirati Roonizi E, Sassi R, Mainardi L, Rivolta M "A comparison of three methodologies for the computation of V-index " 2015 Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC) (2018)
5-Kheirati Roonizi E, Sassi R "A signal decomposition approach to morphological modeling of P wave " Computing in Cardiology 2014 (2018)
6-Kheirati Roonizi E, Sassi R "Dominant atrial fibrillatory frequency estimation using an extended Kalman smoother " 2016 Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC) (2018)
7-Kheirati Roonizi E, فاطمي "A modified Bayesian filtering framework for ECG beat segmentation " 2014 22nd Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE) (2015)
8-Kheirati Roonizi E, ثامني "Morphological modeling of Cardiac signals using Bezier curves " Electrical Engineering (ICEE), 2013 21nd Iranian Conference on (2013)
9-Mobain A, Kheirati Roonizi E, بوستاني "A powerful notch filter for PLI cancelation " ICSPIS 2021 (1400)


Courses Taught
Advanced Programming
Advanced Programming
Data Structures and Algorithms
Computer Programming
Computer Programming
Computer Application
Electric Circuits Laboratory
Logic Circuits Laboratory
Computer Programming
Engineering Mathematics
Computer Programming
Signals and Systems
Engineering Mathematics
Design of Algorithms
Electric Circuits
Signals and Systems
Matlab Programming Workshop

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